I did the design for the theater performance Rebelse Girls by STUT Theater.
STUT Theater is a community theater institution that tells the stories of their players on stage. In the performance Rebelse Girls six women struggle free from the rules of life that they have imposed on themselves or others. Being a rebel means standing up for who you are and what you believe in. It means not letting others tell you how things are going. It means daring to go against the grain.
Directed by: Lilian Vis Dieperink
Direction assistance: Elke Vermeulen
Text: Anne Hogewind
Sound design: Misha Koole
Costume: Geertje Geurtsen
Design: Esther Baalman
Flyer image: Merel Zwarts
Photography: Sevilay Maria van Dorst
PR material design: Suus Lemmen